What is Nyctophilia?

So, what is Nyctophilia?

I’ve been struggling with this condition for a while now and this website is my effort to shed some light on the darkness of nyctophilia. Here, I talk about the nyctophilia symptoms and define nyctophilia.

Now, there are not many who know the nyctophilia meaning. The nyctophilia definition is an unusual one. According to UrbanDictionnary.com, one may define Nyctophilia as “The love of darkness or night, or feeling like you belong in the dark.”

UrbanDictionary.com adds that Nyctophilia “usually applies to those who often feel sadness!” Well, that is true. It’s not fun to be a nyctophiliac, you can trust me on that. Usually, nyctophiliacs sit in the corner of a dark room and that makes them very comfortable.

Now, is it true that nyctophiliacs are aroused by the dark? Yes, one of the nyctophiliac symptoms is that those with this condition find darkness sexually arousing. Nyctophiliacs love darkness and feel that darkness loves them back.

What about the treatment for nyctophiliac? Well, there is no recognized treatment for the condition because it is such an unusual one. Not many doctors know the Nyctophilia meaning.

But there is no question that it is a psychological condition. People with this condition are treated with a combination of drug therapy, psychoanalysis, behavior therapy, hypnosis and cognitive therapy.

Typically, doctors don’t recommend a treatment unless the condition becomes so serious that it affects your quality of life, or worse, it gets you in trouble with the law. Many nyctophiliacs are known to wander off aimlessly in the dark, late at night. They really are harmless people and are incapable of hurting a fly, but their neighbors feel threatened by them, for understandable reasons.

As someone with nyctophilia, I have been very much aware of my condition and have come to terms with it. I have accepted that I have a fetish for darkness and have learned to achieve gratification from it in the most appropriate manner. I have sought several different treatments for my condition including:

  • Psychotherapy
  • Orgasmic reconditioning
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Individual expressive-supportive psychotherapy

I have also been through a systematic group therapy for my condition. Group Therapy for Nyctophiliacs is a 12 step program which is not different from Alcoholics Anonymous.

If your psychiatrist suspects for any reason that you have nyctophilia, they may recommend hypnosis as a treatment. You will be given psychiatric medications and antidepressants.

Further, you will be administered medications such as GnRH, which is a long lasting gonadotropin releasing a hormone which represses your sexual desires. You will be given mood stabilizers such as antiandrogens and phenothiazine.

Nobody knows about the causes of nyctophilia. It is possible that the condition is because of certain phobias and philias accumulated from childhood. It could also be because of certain mental health conditions.

Unfortunately, there is a great potential for the condition to be misdiagnosed as a nervous breakdown, stroke or aphasia.

As more medical research is done on this condition, I expect that we will get smarter about it. As for now, there is an LOT about nyctophilia that we do not really know.

I will be sure to update this website with the latest medical research on nyctophilia from time to time. If you have any questions at all about nyctophilia, feel free to ask me about it. Just type your questions in the comments below. I will be sure to get back to you soon. Cheers!